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how do I set up a group channel form a few admins to take over. Can categories be locked? do I need a separate forum channel if categories are involved?

external cron addon needs text explaining at least what the URL to call is.

why does directory show public stuff when that is disabled? or how to disable. I would want to only show this website, public only.

can't use mobile phone to edit wiki, looks like below. I rrerepreplreplirepliereplied tto

once you've added a tag term to someone else's post how do you remove it?

bug: add a term to another channel's post, then delete the status message and the terms database is filled with 4000+ term entries and dreport says failed to delete. maybe due to tag having comma in it? see https://cy.borganism.com/display/b64.aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZmFjZWJvb2suY29tL1BsYXlQYXJhbm9pYS9wb3N0cy8yNzc2ODQ2NjgyMzg5NzEz -- only happens on post without tags, maybe because source now has tags. possible recreate by making RSS source with no import tags. let it import a post. add tags to Import Source. then add a tag to the RSS post, then delete the status update about adding the tag, watch DB go crazy. - try logging by waiting until it stops. - cause bug. - turn on log. Cleanup: possible fix add unique to structure for all fields except id. // steps install hubzilla enable Channel Sources app in /apps/available check enabled "allow others to tag your posts" for channel is on in /settings/channel security (default) add connection to RSS add Source of your connection (no tags) pick an imported post that has no tags. put 2 tags on your import source (so future posts will have tags eg test1,test2) manually add those two tags to an imported post which has no tags as ONE tag eg test1,test2. now delete the status message and wait for weirdness. watch terms table start to grow as test1 and test2 are added forever (restart webserver to stop it) enable Debug logging note: maybe it works with one tag as well, but I have not tried that yet. note2: maybe this only happens after some messing around with deleting a term from the database. delete status update? - check log for errors related to failure to delete nonexisting tag. - do not do this on a used database. set users as Forum Mostly Public set admin/allow community tagging add rss feed as connection add New Source of feed with a tag eg "test" delete RSS connection, add it again to get a fresh version of the posts with tags (so we can comment on post, otherwise is locked?) click recent activity from connections for RSS connection click "view in context" on a post to see the comment field either make a comment with any hash tag (or maybe needs to match). then delete that comment with the hashtag. or add a tag, then delete the status check Database is looping. CPU use is 100% one way to fix the table of any hubs which have had this happen (which could be any!) is set UNIQUE contstrain using all fields except tid and term_hash, since you'd never need more than 1 of the same row anyway but I dunno if term_hash and parent_hash are used need expert here. ALTER IGNORE TABLE term ADD UNIQUE( aid, uid, oid, otype, ttype, term, url, imgurl, parent_hash);

currently testing hubdev with separate RSS feed connection, but need to work out how to manually update RSS or waiting ages to see if it works. try delete comment from connected RSS feed. maybe just deleting a comment breaks things without tags even being involved! sorta how mike said

So I think the only way to use RSS is to republish as author. If you have a Forum channel with a connection source that imports from RSS there will be problems unless either that source uses Republish as Author or the forum itself does. If you don't be careful you get 1000s of DB entries in Terms table and CPU 100% for a few minutes whenever someone deletes a comment from an RSS sourced post.

Gotchas: don't migrate channel if you have connections outside hubzilla, without nomadic identity support they wont know your address has changed. All their comments in your old hub wont move across to the new hub.

recent posts needs topic title for more context. they are separate comments but you don't know about what.

articles wont export/import if they are written by an admin, ie not the channel. So a contributed article wont migrate with a channel.

unable to edit Sources names, must match Connection name and when is an RSS feed connection name cannot be edited. But editing xchan_name in Database does work ok.

report bug in updating category tag during channel clone. see comment.

add img.screenshot{ max-wdith:100%; } to redbasic for too wide screenshot.

various pages (directory and profile) are missing nofollow on href, this will attract link farmers (SEO) as every hub becomes another +1 on their inbound link farm. As has attracted some escort and travel profiles so far. check wiki.

setting default radius 6px and photo shadow none (not 0)

created /widget as advised in admin help

images from RSS feed connections are storing as 1024 when Large Photos is Off in Featres/Editor. Should be using 640 width.

profile .vcard remove padding and move to .vard > * as margin. then set margin 0 for #profile-photo-wrapper {margin: 0 0 10px 0; width:100%; height: auto; }

profile-photo-wrapper img { height: auto; }

.vcard { overflow:hidden; } .vcard .photo { border-radius: 0; }

as in local site.

update searcahble docs. cd mywebsite util/importdoc

bug : deleting an item status from the stream directs to a blank page. go to /network delete a "X likes Y's status" message and end up in blank page eg /item/drop/915